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ohann Valentine Hilpert was born in Altersbach, Thuringen, Germany, born about 1756. He came to Nova Scotia as a Hessian Soldier, to serve with the British during the War of Independence. He deserted in July of 1783 as his regiment was preparing to leave for Europe. He died 1815 at Dutch Town, Halifax, where He lived with his family. He married  Louisa Elizabeth Fausel' at St. George's, Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 19 April 1785. She was the daughter of Phillip Jacob Fausel of Germany, Via Lunenburg County. 

He had a brother Johann George, born 7 Sept. 1758, who died 8 Oct. 1777 at Military Hospital, Brooklyn Ferry, New York, U.S.A.

{Georg Hilpert from Altersbach, born 1756/57, was in the same companie as
Valentin Hilpert. He died in Oktober 1776. Since the Regiment reached New York
with the second Division of the troops from Hessen-Kassel on Oktober 18th,
he might have died on board of the ship. [Marcus Jae -]}

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